You can’t escape the modern trends of the world. But sometimes the features created by the nature, like nose and chin, shape of lips so important nowadays or the nose form don’t harmonize with the patient’s appearance who really wants to be as beautiful as the modern ideals are. Only bad surgeon can follow patient’s instructions and does him\her appearance look absolutely the same of the his\her ideal. If the professional is working the appearance as a result will be individual, not same as with others.

There are different schools of aesthetic medicine. America school is more standard and unified, where each specialists are carrying out surgeries mechanically, and the beautiful appearance that they achieve come out same, not individual. European school of esthetic medicine is more personal. Here the rules that rule the beauty are well known and used. But the specialists of this school also know that there is only one solution and way of surgery for each person that can give him\her perfect results. There is only one variant that can meet the needs of everybody.

The surgeons in Switzerland carry out the following plastic surgeries:

  • Cosmetic surgery for eyelid correction
  • Face lifting
  • Mammary glands correction
  • Adipose tissue correction
  • Oral surgery
  • Lip Correction
  • Nose correction (Rhinoplasty)
  • Removal wrinkles near eyes

Besides experienced doctors carry out most difficult operations like reconstructive surgery (inborn or accidental body defects correction). Reconstructive surgery comprises: mammary gland reconstruction after the amputation caused by the cancer.

Abdonimal Plastics Or stomach plastics is one of the ways to correct the figure. It is used in case when the stomach muscles are stretched after child delivery and after losing weight this muscles start hanging.

Blepharoplasty or eyelid plastics is a surgery that focused on removing extra skin and hernia on upper and lower eyelids. Blepharoplasty can be used to get rid of folders under eyes, to rejuvenate the face and give it fresh look. Blepharoplasty can be combined with forehead skin lifting when needed.

Lifting, enlargement and reconstruction of mammary glands. Mastopexy or breast lifting is surgery focused on renovation on normal breast height and improvements of the size and outlines. It is possible to enlarge or lessen the seze of breasts. In some case mastopexy can be carried out to preserve the ability to feed the baby. With the help of mastopexy it is possible to lessen the dark outline near nipples.

Reconstruction of the mammary glands that was removed due to cancer tumor or some other reasons is one of the most useful surgeries available nowadays.

Modern methods and ways used in modern Swiss medicine allow creating the breast that look absolutely like natural, both judging by form and type. The reconstruction is often possible immediately after the mammary gland removal (mastectomy) in Swiss clinics so the patient wakes up after surgery with renovated breast.

Face and neck lifting (very famous as rutidectomy) is the surgery that eliminates cheeks omission, lessens the mimic folder near the nose, renovates normal neck and chin outlines. The surgeons in Switzerland will offer you different methods of treatment depending upon the quality and the peculiarities of your skin.

Forehead lifting is a surgery aims at smoothening horizontal wrinkles of the forehead, longitudinal wrinkles of the nose bridge, also brows lifting, that makes your face look more fresh. Usually eyelid plastics and face skin lifting are carried out simultaneously with the forehead plastics.

Liposuction is the method of vacuum removal of local adipose tissues. Rhinoplastics or nose plastics is one of the most complicated part of the surgery, it comprises nose outline correction by way of smoothening, removal and shifting of the bones and cartilages, that constitute nose. With the help of rhinoplastics it is possible to lessen or enlarge the nose size, to charge the nose outlines, to correct inborn defects and breathing problems.

Otoplasty or ear plastics is usually done to press the bulging ears closer to the head or lessen the size of big helixes. Bulging ears, difference of ears, and also big helix size are very vivid cosmetic defects that can cause serious physiologic problems of children, on whom their mates can crack the jokes.

Veins and venous network sclerotherapy It is used to treat so to say vascular stars – the concentration of thin veins vivid through the skin that usually appear on hips, calves and ankle-bones.

Hair Transplantation It is a surgery comprising hair shifting from donor’s area to client’s bald area. It is done with the help of transplants called grafts (small skin parts containing some amount of hair bulbs).

Lip outline change It is an enlargement of volume or prolongation of the lower and upper lips to correct the lip outline and to enlarge the volume. It is a permanent method. Also injection methods can be offered to the patients.