Mammary glands tumor is one of the most widespread diseases in the modern world. It is very important for the successful treatment to carry our diagnostics in time and to undergo the treatment as soon as possible. According to the European statistics in 80% of case it is possible to get recovery of the patients.

There is a unique center of mammary glands cancer treatment. There are 25 experienced doctors in this center. Their main specialization is mammary glands cancer treatment. The patients can be sure that they are being treated by the doctors of high qualification who is using most modern methods of treatment malignant tumors and neoplasm.

Successful mammary glands cancer treatment as any malignant tumors treatment depends in the first place upon the quality and it-time diagnostics. Swiss specialists use PET cameras, MR-imaging scanners and other examinations to diagnose oncology diseases on early stages that give the possibility to define the tumor in the embryo.

All the cases are being discussed every week on the colloquium. When the surgery is needed (in case of tumor ablation), the doctors use all the infrastructure of center of the mammary glands cancer treatment.

The tumor ablation is carried out by the mini invasive as careful as possible. After the close examination of the patient, the doctors can offer all types of surgical and conservative methods of mammary glands cancer treatment.

Tumor ablation can be carried out with the help of laser therapy and radiology. The treatment of malignant tumors requires exact defining of metastases localization. Anti-bodies and anti hormone therapy are used in this case. Molecular pharmacology, immunological therapy, PET cameras, tissue biopsy can also be used.

Surgeons always tend to preserve the breasts when tumor ablation. If it is not possible, the doctors use the technology so that when making surgery they delete the cancer tumors and then plastic surgeons restore the breast.