“Swiss medical Association” offers you the treatment in best clinics in Switzerland specialized in obstetrics and gynecology. Here is the following services that Swiss clinics offer:

  • Child delivery in Switzerland
  • Therapeutic gynecology and surgeries
  • Hysteroscopy
  • Laparoscopic surgery
  • Abdominal pregnancy surgery
  • Fertilization and sterilization procedures
  • Uterus ablation
  • Mammary glands surgery
  • Laser usage
  • Abortion
  • Cesar section
  • IVF, infertility procedures
  • Preparation, choice and carrying of the urgent hysteromyoma treatment
  • Plastic surgery when lowering or prolapsing female organs, abnormal female organs development
  • Complex patients’ examination and treatment with the help of hysteroscopy and ablation when needed
  • Endometritis
  • Treatment and examination of patients with submucous hysteromyoma using hysteroscopy;
  • Surgery of patients with abnormal and extra uterine pregnancies;
  • Surgical sterilization.
  • All types of hysteromyoma surgeries including minilaparotomy with laparoscopic aid (dermal incision not more than 3-4 cms), excision of myoma parts when doing laparocscopy;
  • All types of ovaries benign tumor surgeries including minilaparotomy and surgical laparoscopy;
  • All types of surgeries of benignant tumors of ovaries, including minilaparotomy and surgical laparoscopy.
  • All types of restorative surgeries including artificial vagina creation, surgery of pathological uterus, neck of uterus, vagina orifice development;
  • Complex examination and treatment of patients with urgent, stressful and mix enuresis;
More than 90% of all gynecological surgeries in Switzerland are being carried by way of laparoscopy.

Child delivery abroad, in Switzerland

Russian women prefer to give birth to the child abroad. And it is quite reasonable: in the majority of foreign clinics the level of comfort, medical service and responsibility of the doctors are much higher that those in the Russian maternity hospitals, even in good ones. The journey aimed at child delivery is very popular service nowadays, same as trip in SPA or marine cruise.

Of course, there are some peculiarities. For example, the majority of airline companies don’t accept onboard pregnant women who should deliver the child soon. Each company fixes its own “limit” after which you can’ buy the ticket. You won’t get it if you are on 6 up to 8 month of pregnancy. Only Aeroflot airlines won’t sell you ticket 7 days before the presumable term of child delivery and within 7 days after it.

When signing a contact with the representative of the foreign clinics, the prospective mother can be sure that all the questions will be settled down: visas, avia tickets, transfer, accommodation, interpreters with medical education and of course full medical support.

Child delivery in Switzerland gives full guarantees prospective mother’s and newlyborn’s health. It is very usual matter for Swiss doctors to help foreigners. People from all over the world and Russian people also are coming here to stay in comfort, to enjoy the Alps and breathe fresh air.

You can delivery a child both in private clinic and in the big hospital like “Bethanien”. The main difference is not only the level of medical service (it is same everywhere in Switzerland), but the number of additional services and surroundings. Expensive clinics are situated in the old buildings surrounded by parks and gardens.

Cesar section is carried out only in cases of necessity according to the medical examination. Swiss specialists unlike Russians don’t think that after Cesar section the usual child delivery is impossible. The doctors in Switzerland try not to hurt both prospective mother and baby by the intensive medical surgeries. Epidurial anesthesia can be done upon your wish.

The rules of child delivery are very strict: only prospective father can be present in the wards when child delivery, no more. But the rules of hospital order are not that much strict: the parturient woman can freely move and attend any place she wishes. She can go for a walk or shopping if she wants to. After child delivery the woman is taught how to take care after the newlyborn and is given lots of presents: dippers, feeding, baby bottles etc. This tradition is very strong in Europe: the manufactures of baby goods give lots of presents to newly made mothers when they are leaving the maternity hospital.

Program of pregnancy and birth delivery monitoring in Switzerland.

Medical control according to this program allows defining all possible declination of normal life and taking measures. Apart from traditional child delivery the clinics in Switzerland can also offer you vertical child delivery and water child delivery.

The programs of pregnancy monitoring:

  • Complex examination and supervision of the obstetricians from 12 weeks pregnancy till the birth delivery.
  • Consultations of other specialists: therapeutist, otolaringologist, cardiologist, surgeon, oculist, dentist, geneticist, dietitian, etc.
  • Carrying out complex of laboratorial and instrumental researches that apart from common analyses and ultrasonic scanning include Doppler and cardiomonitoring control and other researches aimed at controlling child’s state. These researches are carried out in clinic laboratories equipped with most up-to-day apparatus ( it is one of the key moment of child delivery in Switzerland in comparison with other countries that offer same service).
  • Staying in clinic within 7 days when birth delivering.