The problem of locomotor system and joints unfortunately are very actual for people. Effective treatment in the traumatology, orthopedy, and sport medicine is very important for the people who are going in for sports, being active, because their joints undergo great pressure. Most often the patients are suffering from spine problems: spine hernia problems, dislocation of vertebra, etc. Foreign clinics are carrying out therapeutic and quick orthopedy treatment. The doctors can successfully implant artificial joint when need. All surgeries re carried out with the help of most modern achievements using implants of new generation. With the help of joint change (hip joint prosthesis, knee joint prosthesis) the doctors can treat diseases that appeared due to sport and home injuries, worn joints.

Swiss clinics offer treatment of locomotor systems both outpatient and inpatient basis, i.e.:

  • Spine Diseases
  • Joint diseases
  • osteoporosis
  • Chronic polyarthritis
  • Joint change
  • Hip joint prosthesis
  • Knee joint prophesies

  • Orthopedic examination includes:

  • Consultations
  • X ray procedure
  • MR imager
  • Blood analyses
  • Arthroscopy (joint examination with the help of mirror)
Other necessary procedures The treatment of orthopedic diseases are carried out both by way of therapeutic and surgical methods. In case surgical method is applied, mini invasive surgical is used. Most modern anesthetic methods (spinal anesthesia, several nerves block) allow creating good conditions for painless operations in clinics.

Judging by the situation doctors use either local or general anesthetic.

After the surgery the patient spends 2-3 days in the clinics. Then the doctor can prescribe him the course of muscular renovation with the help of special exercises.

Using different types of rehabilitation therapy foreign doctors help people with motion problems because of the nerves damages.

Much attention is paid to recommendations and trainings concerning right working place and household organization for the quicker rehab.