Quality guarantee

The Swiss are breaking the record of life span. Physical exercises, perfect ecological conditions, and highly developed medical service no doubt are the guarantee of their longevity.
The medicine in Switzerland is well known all over the world as one of the best. Being a world center of researches in medical and pharmacological fields Switzerland is constantly introducing the most modern developments and up-to-date technologies. That’s why the treatment in Switzerland is surely giving perfect results.
The medicine in Switzerland has fixed very high level of quality even judging by the European standards. Moreover reasonable state tax policy is favorable for securing Swiss medicine with most up- to-date developments. The conditions mentioned above allow Swiss treatment and rehab to be so much comfortable.
Each client of “Swiss Medical Association” is guaranteed full confidentiality of staying and treatment in Switzerland that’s why many sport, politics, and royal celebrities are among our clients. Exacting people pay much attention to their health.

Available for you.

Despite very high level of living standards the prices in Switzerland is more available that it is generally considered: they are almost the same or a little bit higher but sometimes even less that in Moscow. Plastic surgery in Switzerland is world known as the best Europe, though it is sometimes cheaper than the plastic surgery in Moscow.
Taking into consideration the accommodation expenses in Switzerland, the total treatment price would cost a little bit higher than the treatment at home, but the quality and guarantees of treatment would be no doubt much higher.

Up-to date technologies

The medicine in Switzerland is being developed in the vanguard of science and techniques. Being the motherland for the wide range of world-famous institutions, Switzerland gave birth to many developments, that are applied all over the world. For instance, exactly Swiss surgeons carried out the first coronary artery grafting. The fist artificial fertilization was also tried and successfully done in Switzerland.
Every day the surgeons in Switzerland are carrying out the most difficult operations with the use of computer technologies according to Da Vinci system that is considered to be the most advanced one nowadays. Some clinics in Switzerland offer the unique methods of cancer treatment, for example Gamma knife. Here you can also try the most efficient methods of chemotherapy developed by local pharmacological companies.

Within 3 hour flight from Moscow

Moscow-Zurich flight duration is only three hours. The clinics in Switzerland offer to carry out medical examination for the very short period. You can come to Zurich with the morning flight, undertake the examination during the day and come back to Moscow with that same flight in the evening or next morning.
Thus you need only one single day for carrying out the qualified medical examination and having the professional medical consultation in Switzerland.

Personal approach

There is one fact that will surprise you the most when turning to Swiss medical Association, i.e. the special attention to your health, high qualification of the medical stuff and its professionalism. You and your relatives can always enjoy personal approach and high quality treatment in Switzerland when turning to us. Besides we guarantee total confidentiality to you.