The citizens of our country start recently applying to foreign clinics and having treatment abroad. This treatment is getting more popular and the reasons are quite obvious.
First of all the qualification of the foreign specialists are much higher than that of their Russian colleagues, Secondly treatment abroad is much more efficient. The clinics abroad (especially Swiss clinics) dispose of high quality technical equipment that meets all requirements of modern medicine and world standards. Thirdly the treatment of separate diseases abroad is being carried out with the help of most modern methods what the specialists in our country have quite rough notion of.
The foreign treatment for Russian citizens is very appealing first and foremost for its possibility to have serious in patient treatment i.e. different surgeries, serious somatic pathology, plastic surgery, and obstetrics help, alcohol and drug addiction aid. The people in our country prefer the service of cardio surgical centers and plastic centers. Birth delivery abroad is no more the unique chance for Russian women and they have been using this opportunity for 10 years.
Foreign treatment of drug addiction is more efficient (in particular heroin addiction) than our national one. The amount of drug addicts is growing every year in our country, that’s why narcological clinics abroad are not suffering from the absence of Russian speaking patients for more than 5 years.
Rehabilitation treatment abroad is also very good. Here the doctors pay equal attention both to preventive medicine and to sanitation and treatment in the resort areas. Sanitation treatment abroad is aimed both at creating comfortable conditions and relaxing atmosphere for the patient and at sanitation medical procedures. There are centers in Europe that are specialized only in sanitation service and they are absolutely profitable: about 85 % of Russian citizens are dreaming about sanitation and give preference to exactly these centers.
Sanitation treatment abroad is very different: thalassotherapy, balneotherapy, winetherapy, and alga treatment, thermal and other treatments. All of them give long lasting medical effect in comparison with treatment by way of drugs.
Treatment abroad as a rule is very profitable. Calculations for the examination, surgeries, conservative treatment, rehab is carried out individually depending on the type of disease and of the country.